Get Ready for Mardi Gras with MRP

Tuesday, February 28 will be a day of celebration and excess for many throughout the world. Whether you call it Mardi Gras, Carnival, Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday, this Christian feast marks the day before Ash Wednesday. During this feast, you'll find many traditional dishes.  We've selected some of our favorites paired with products that feature MRP plastic closures that are sure to make preparation a breeze. 

MRP's Magnificent Mardi Gras Menu

Start your celebration with some Chilled Shrimp with Smoky Remoulade. Spice up your Remoulade with Wegman's Dijon mustard, topped with the MRP Ultra Light closure designed specifically for mustards and other condiments. Recipe credit:

 Chilled Shrimp.png

Easy Cajun Jambalaya makes a a great Mardi Gras main course. Tones Cajun sesaoning spices it up! With the MRP dual flap Flapper closure, you'll never overdo the amount of spice in your dish. Recipe credit:



Finish your feast with a Traditional King Cake. It will look it's best covered with colorful sugar, like Over The Top sanding sugar. You'll find this product topped with the MRP LiquiFlapper closure for easy to control dispensing (even though you can never have too much sugar!)


King Cake.png

And, if you find at the end of the night that you've overindulged, let Mylanta come to your rescue. Topped with an MRP continuous thread closure, you can trust Mylanta to get you feeling better fast, just like you can trust MRP to provide the right closure for your OTC medicines. 

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Posted by Aimee Weber