Order Samples of our NEW Ultra Light Flip Top Closure for Condiments

The Ultra Light Flip Top Closure is designed to solve the age-old problem of ingredient separation. At times, no matter how much you shake a product, liquid may still drip out of the container before the dressing, sauce or condiment is dispensed. The design of the New Ultra Light 38/400 Flip Top helps to prevent this from occurring. The closure features a liquid trap that keeps the separated liquid inside the bottle. Additionally, the cap’s modern opening mechanism promotes a cleaner and more sanitary orifice area that is positioned to provide improved directional dispensing.

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  • Liquid Trap prevents separated liquid from dispensing before product

  • Orifice area positioned to provide improved directional dispensing

  • Lighter weight for better sustainability


Let the Ultra Light Flip Top provide the ultimate in dispensing convenience for your product. Order your samples  below.



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