Meet Karlis, the Vented Liner Expert

MRP has recently partnered with M-Industries, manufacturer of a new vented liner technology. 

2B-KarlisPic.jpgMold-Rite Plastics is a single-source supplier of a broad range of plastic closures and jars. What set us apart from others is our outstanding innovation as well as unmatched reliability and responsiveness. We've recently partnered with M-Industries to offer a wider range of options for your packaging needs. 

We met with M-Industries’ President, Karlis Mateus, to gain some insight on how vented liners can help our customers.

Q: Can you share some background about M-Industries?

Karlis: M-Industries is the emerging leader in the container venting market segment. Our goal is to improve the quality and performance of packaging containers.

We responded to the packaging industry’s needs for better products with higher venting performance at a lower cost; M-Industries is setting the standard with products that allow for better airflow and leak resistance.

Our standard vents set new airflow standards by allowing up to 20 times more airflow than other vented products. If your products require more or less airflow, we have the ability to modify our airflow to meet your needs.

We have taken bold new steps to achieve our goal of being the best by providing superior performance, quality and the lowest cost products possible to our customers.

Q: What are the different types you produce?

Karlis: We manufacture two different types of vented liners:

  • The first type of liner we produce is called the M-Vent. This liner is a high-performance vent that is designed to quickly balance internal and external pressures on bottles. The M-Vent has a 136% greater venting area and 58% faster air flow than competitors.

The M-Vent is ideal for concentrated solutions and improving shelf life of your products. This liner is proven to perform better than any other venting product in the market.

  • The second type of liner we product is called the B-Vent. This smaller vent greatly reduces cost compared to similar options on the market.  Not only does it reduce your costs, the B-Vent also allows 24% more airflow than our closest competitor.

Q: Where have you seen the most need for these products?

Karlis: Vented liners allow bottles to breathe, relieving outward or inward pressures while preventing product leakage.

There are many products that can benefit from vented liner technology, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals
  • Bleach- including pool bleach as well as simple household bleach
  • Most household cleaning products
  • Products with citrus scents
  • Some agro-chemicals
  • Diesel additives and 2-stroke motor oils
  • Many “oxy-chem” formulas

Q: What benefits does venting add to packaging?

Karlis: Venting provides many benefits to packaging. It eliminates high returns and allowances associated with packaging failures. It helps new products pass product development tollgates. Venting also could cut down product line investments to fix packaging distortions.

Q: Do vented liners deliver cost savings as well?

Karlis: Absolutely. Traditionally, in order to prevent bottles from bloating or paneling, the options were very costly:

  • Treating bottles with fluorination to migrate paneling and distortions
  • Modifications to plastic container design/tooling to add strength and wall thickness
  • Additional plastic resin used to enhance package strength/rigidity

 Our vented liners offer a much more cost-effective option in comparison.

 Interested in finding more information? View the Technology Minute video below:




Posted by Amanda Thomas