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Why A Vented Liner?

High “returns and allowances” associated with packaging failures

New products don’t pass product development tollgates; sent back
upstream to reformulate/dilute optimal formula

Production line investments to fix packaging distortions

Treating bottles with fluorination to mitigate paneling and distortions

Modifications to plastic container design/tooling to add strength and
wall thickness

Additional plastic resin used to enhance package strength/rigidity

Vented Liner Options


  • High-performance vent designed to quickly balance internal and external pressures on bottles
  • 136% greater venting area than competitors
  • 58% faster airflow than competitors
  • Ideal for concentrated solutions (i.e., cleaning agents, agrochemicals), improving shelf life
  • Proven to perform better than any other venting product in the market


  • Smaller vent greatly reduces cost
  • 24% more airflow than our closest competitor

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“Traditionally in order to prevent bloating or paneling, the options were limited and costly. Packagers would need to treat bottles with a flourination, modifications might need to be made to containers and wall thickness would need to be added to increase the strength of the bottle. Vented liner technology offers a much more cost-effective option.”

Jason Stull

- Vice President, Business Unit Manager
Food, Personal Care, Household Chemical