Vented Liner Technology for Cleaners and Sanitizers

High performance packaging for cleaner and sanitizer packages ready to meet COVID-19 demand 

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As COVID-19 changes the way so many of us live and work, it also creates demand for powerful cleaning and sanitizing solutions to help keep our homes and businesses safe from potential contaminants. According to a recent article from, there are a number of household cleaners that help fight COVID-19 already in your homes: soap and water, bleach, surgical spirit, surface wipes and hand sanitizers. These important products are needed now more than ever, but packaging for these potent formulations can pose challenges. From bloating and paneling to e-commerce transportation, packages have a lot to endure before utilization by an end user. Vented liners can help ensure these packages are ready to withstand the challenges of their journey from manufacturer to consumer.

Look to Mold-Rite Plastics to serve as your trusted partner, ready to provide the vented packaging that is so greatly needed. Ask your account representative how child resistant 33mm and 38mm closures (other sizes and styles are also compatible) combined with vented liners can ensure protective packaging for the products that will help to guard against germs in the fight against coronavirus.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas