The Top 5 Players in the Beauty Packaging Industry are Revealed

There are no surprises as to who takes the top spots in the global beauty industry.


Consumers tend to be brand loyal in the beauty market. They generally stick to what they know and the brands they trust. With a wide variety of beauty products on the market, ranging from inexpensive to prestige brands, there are a few top players in this market that consumers can rely on. has compiled a list of the top players in the beauty market for 2014.  Who will be first?  The following is the top 5 companies in 2014 (FY 2013):

5. Johnson & Johnson (J&J)

aveeno closure

Coming in fifth place, J&J brought in approximately $7.6 billion sales from their skincare, baby care and oral products. Their major brands include Johnson’s Baby, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Dabao and Listerine. J&J’s main focus is on pharmaceuticals, but their few beauty brands are growing each year. In the first half of 2014, Neutrogena and Aveeno, and Baby care helped grow international sales.

4. Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder PackagingIn fourth place, Estée Lauder’s beauty sales are about half of P&G’s with 10.9 billion beauty sales. This company has many prestige brands such as Smashbox, Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Coach, Michael Kors, Bumble and Bumble, and Donna Karan. With the increasing sales of travel items, Estée Lauder was able to increase their sales by 8% from last year’s net. The company is predicted to grow another 3-4% by 2015.

3. Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Pantene PackagingP&G reported their beauty sales at $20 billion, down $8.5 billion from 2012. The company commented that their  “Beauty segment organic sales were flat with gains from market growth and product and commercial innovation in hair care, deodorants, and personal cleansing offset by sales decreases in salon professional and skincare from competitive activity and market contraction.” P&G’s beauty segment counted for 24% of net sales last year. Their main brands include Cover Girl, Olay, Herbal Essences, Nice’ n Easy , Old Spice, Pantene, Gucci, Head & Shoulders, and Sebastian. Pantene and Head & Shoulders helped P&G claim over 20% of the global market in 2013.

2. Unilever

Dove Care MenIn second place with $24.9 billion in beauty sales, Unilever has held the second place position for the past year. Even though Unilever’s sales have decreased by 3% and decreasing sales in emerging countries, top products like Dove Care, St. Ives, TreSemme, Vaseline and Axe have kept them in the top two. Unilever plans to expand their premium product profile to deliver growth and drive higher margins in the next year.

1. L’Oréal

loreal packagingThis company has been number one for the last two years, and continues to surpass P&G in 2014 (FY 2013) with 31.6 billion in sales. With their latest acquisition of NYX Cosmetics, it’s no wonder they are on the top. Marc Menesguen, president, Consumer Products Division, stated “Our high value-added innovations at accessible prices are the driving force of our growth.”
With top product brands ,such as Garnier, Maybelline, Essie, Lancôme, Redken, Matrix, Urban Decay and The Body Shop,  in over 130 countries worldwide, L’Oreal is a beauty powerhouse that has promise to stay on top.

There you have it. The top companies that beauty packaging experts are all trying to be like or want to work with. Want to see the Top 20 beauty companies? Click HERE to see the full list and read the article.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas