The MegaFlap® hits the Arnold Classic Show with Muscle

Our MegaFlap was well received during a consumer survey at the 2015 annual Arnold Classic Show.

MegaKitchenThe Arnold Classic is about two things: showcasing the hard work and dedication to fitness and what is new in the body building industry. From protein bars, drinks and powders to the newest shakers, the Arnold Classic brings in all of the top companies in the industry and their consumers to one place.

The Arnold Fitness EXPO, in the main hall of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, is the nation’s largest health and fitness exposition. It annually showcases leading businesses and organizations showcasing the latest trends in the industry (

We were very excited to have the opportunity to share a booth with our sister company, Alpha Packaging, and get to experience this show for the first time.  It was the perfect place to get the consumer feedback that we had been after. Consumers are what drive the business and their opinions are important.  Not only that, but we had our targeted group of consumers under one building.

Our goal of attending this show was to gage whether consumers are actually interested in our MegaFlap closure or not.  For those of you who are not familiar with our MegaFlap closure, it has a scoop retention feature that allows any scoop to snap onto the flip-top lid. It will fit on most large protein powder bottles (comes in 120mm and 110mm) and it is an upgrade compared to the standard Continuous Thread closures that many protein powder companies use.

The greatest feature of the MegaFlap is that it solves the old problem of losing your scoop at the bottom of the bottle. Believe it or not, this is a problem that many powder consumers face on a daily basis.  As we walked around in the hall with our open protein containers, featuring the MegaFlap, one thing was clear—people were noticing it. No matter where we walked, people were stopping and looking at the MegaFlap. Others would even come up to us and ask for more information. The consumers were interested and wanted to learn more about it.

To better gage the consumer’s response, we offered a give-away closure that they could use at home and see for their selves how it can help them.  The MegaFlap speaks for itself. Not only were consumers excited to use the closure at home, we were excited to see that this is what the consumers are looking for to solve their messy scoop problem. 

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Posted by Amanda Thomas