Top 10 Uses for the 110mm Flapper Closure

So many uses - the one and only 110mm Flapper from MRP

The 110mm Flapper Closure has a clean, contemporary look for maximum shelf impact, and customized embossing. The flap-style slotted or pour orifice options make dispensing product easy and convenient.
Choose the 110mm Flapper for:
•    User friendly packaging
•    One hand operation
•    Clean, contemporary look for maximum shelf impact

Check out the Top Ten uses for the 110mm Flapper:

bird seed closure

Your bird feeder has that great design to help keep the squirrels out, but that same great design makes it difficult to fill. Thankfully your birdseed is topped with a 110mm Flapper closure. You only need one hand to open and pour the seed, leaving your other hand to keep the feeder open while filling.


fertilizer closureWhile it makes your plants and grass look their best, fertilizer isn’t necessarily something you want to get on your hands while spreading. Dispensing your jug of fertilizer is easier to spread than ever when capped with a 110mm slotted Flapper closure. And you won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty.


fragrance bead storageThey make the room smell great, but there are times when the scent may not harmoniously combine with its surroundings. If the container has a 110mm Flapper closure on top, all you need to do is snap it shut and the fragrance is contained until you’re ready to release it again. So go ahead and enjoy the smell of your grandma’s spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove and save the magnolia breeze for later.


snack closuresIt’s so economical to purchase snacks in large containers, but it can be so tough to keep them fresh. That is unless you have 110mm Flapper snack closures on your container. The full open feature on the 110mm Flapper is large enough to let hands into the container to grab a handful of your favorite snack, and then snaps shut to keep things fresh. No more chewy cheese balls.


grass seed packagingYou only have a few patches of grass to fill in. You grab the bag of seed, spread it to the best of your ability and in a few days the seeds germinate. As they start to grow, you realize that the seeds hit the ground in clumps. You should have picked the container sealed with the 110mm Flapper. With the slotted finish, spreading that seed is simple, even and has no clumps.


spice closuresIn the commercial kitchen, large containers of spices are a must. So is a dispensing closure atop those spices. With the 110mm Flapper, you can pop open the lid and measure everything from teaspoons to cups or shake your spices right into the recipe. No need to unscrew a continuous thread closure and risk losing it in the kitchen.



pet food dispensing closureThe three most common things that cause pet foods to spoil are air, moisture and temperature. Check two of these off the list if you package your pet food in a container closed with a 110mm Flapper closure. The snap tight lid helps to eliminate exposure to bacteria through the air while also keeping out moisture and preventing mold. Your pet will thank you.


cat litter controlled dispensing closureSave time and frustration when filling the litter box. No more spilling the litter and needing to sweep it up with the 110 Flapper's controlled dispensing. Refill the litter box with ease when you combine the large opening of the 110mm Flapper closure and a handled storage container.




food storage closure

When properly stored, rice and grains can have a shelf life of six months. Enclosing it in a container that utilizes the 110mm Flapper closure will allow easy access to the product, and then secure resealing to keep out dust, moisture and other contaminants. Get the most out of your grains with the Flapper closure.



ice melt capMany national brands choose the 110mm slotted Flapper as their chosen ice melt cap. Why? Because the 110mm Flapper sets the standard for proper storage and dispensing of ice melt products. The slotted feature helps to spread ice melt evenly on slippery sidewalks and driveways, preventing overuse that can potentially harm vegetation. And it stores clean and air tight – no spillage in the garage and no clumps.


What are your favorite ways to use the 110mm Flapper closure?


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Posted by Aimee Weber