Slime Time: New Twist on an Iconic Package

Let our Twist Open - Close plastic closures help you eliminate slimy messes— keeping everyone happy!

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What kid doesn’t love making and customizing their own slime and playing with it? This ‘new’ slime trend is everywhere from Instagram to parents posting videos on Facebook of their child’s slimly creation.

At a recent picnic here at our MRP Twinsburg facility, we even had our employee’s children participating in all of the ooey, gooey fun! With so many endless options from glittery slime to the rainbow, Elmer’s glue slime appeals to all ages! It’s no wonder the world has noticed this trend as well. With so many consumers wanting in on this slime trend, Elmer’s glue has become a hot commodity among top retailers.


There was even a shortage of Elmer’s Glue supply in the first quarter this year, significantly helping Newell Brands (NWL) bottom line, according to a CBS News article. With Elmer’s Glue being one of the main components of the slime, NWL increased their glue production, packaging and shipments. With the help of our team at MRP, we were able to provide assistance in this slime craze with our plastic closure. Produced out of our Somerset manufacturing facility, our orange twist open closure has been the key indicator for this iconic package for years. 

Our Twist Open - Twist Close plastic closures allow for an even flow of glue to be dispensed. The bottle’s squeezable design lets kids control how much or little of glue they want for any project. Also, our plastic closure has a visible sealing indicator that will prevent any product leakage when you need to store it.

The easy to make slime has only three ingredients: baking soda, contact lens solution and a bottle of Elmer’s glue. Check out the exact supplies and instructions here. So, if your children are looking for a fun and easy activity pick up a bottle of the iconic glue brand and get slimin’!

Interested in seeing the full line of Twist Open/Close caps? Click below to download our product catalog.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas