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The global beauty and personal care market continues its phenomenal growth, with forecasted sales of $648.56 billion by 2027, increasing from a value of nearly $483 billion in 2021. Getting the product from the shelf into the consumer’s shopping cart might not be as difficult for the first purchase as for the second or third. According to one research report, within this market segment, impulse purchases are common, with approximately 73% of purchasing decisions made at the point of sale.

However, repeat purchases are the goal of any manufacturer. The cap or closure, its performance and ease of use play an important role in securing a repeat health or beauty product purchase. Top marketplace trends could influence the design and selection of personal care packaging and closures and help contribute towards consumer satisfaction. In this blog, we will run down the top seven current and upcoming market trends shaping the personal care, health and beauty markets and the importance of selecting the right plastic caps or closures to meet these trends.


Personal Care Packaging Trends

Convenience: Time is one commodity no one can manufacture, and consumers guard their time zealously. Personal care packaging needs to be easy to open and close. And it must perform this task effortlessly and repeatedly, from purchase through product use to recycling.

0612-Disc Top Images for EmailDisc top caps are popular personal care closures for hair care, skincare, body lotions and washes due to their consistent performance and ease of use. A consumer need only depress one side or the other to open and securely close the package. Disc caps provide an intuitive closure that ticks all the boxes for convenience.

Manufacturers can select from endless colors to maintain a consistent brand image. A holistic approach to cosmetic and beauty care packaging that integrates color, shape, images, material and convenience can fully convey the brand message. A disc top cap fits into this holistic scheme.

The Digital Age: Consumers have embraced online shopping, and social media plays no small role in influencing health and personal care product purchases. Considering the visual impact of social media channels, packaging plays a vital role in creating a favorable image. Again, a holistic view of personal care packaging puts extra weight on the cap choice when a product needs to consider more than just an attractive shelf image, but also an attractive image for social media still photos, videos, and product reviews. Looking to capitalize on a social media trend? No problem! MRP Solutions’ agility can help you change your packaging quickly.

Men’s Personal Care: Outperforming the health and beauty market overall, the men’s personal care market size has a projected CAGR of 9.1% globally through 2030. Gender-specific products driving this growth include shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, face masks and skincare. This creates new opportunities and highlights an emphasis on personal care packaging that offers quick access, convenient usage and labeling that appeals to this specific segment.

The “Lipstick Effect:” When times are tough, the tough go…shopping for small, luxury items to soothe stress and fulfill a desire for finer things. This phenomenon, known as the “lipstick effect,” presents an opportunity for brands to offer premium products at an approachable price point.

MRP Solutions’ Custom-Lite offerings provide cost-effective personal care packaging solutions that project luxury. Custom beauty packaging allows brands to make a statement that entices consumers to splurge on a personal indulgence.

Beauty As We Age: The average age of the global population keeps skewing upwards, with longer life expectancies. For example, women aged 50-plus are expected to reach 1.3 billion in the next 15 years. This helps increase demand for age-specific, anti-aging and restorative products.

In addition to product contents and messaging, the target consumers’ age influences beauty and personal care packaging design and selection. Closures and caps must be easy to open and close, yet hold the product securely inside. In fact, one study listed dissatisfaction among older consumers related to packaging that is difficult to open or close, viewed by this population segment as a barrier to maintaining their independence.

MRP offers personal care products packaging options that are easy for an aging population to handle and remain secure and attractive to fit within the brand image. Continuous thread closures, for example, offer a high level of containment security with endless decorating options and are perfect for skincare, lip balms and more.

Beauty from Within: The rise of cosmeceuticals, or beauty supplements that support overall wellness, has become a prominent trend. Consumers seek products that enhance their beauty routines from the inside out, with the global nutraceuticals market illustrating this desire with sales that demonstrate a projected CAGR above 9.0%.

MRP Solutions is a market leader for dispensing closures and innovative solutions for the nutraceuticals market. Any product with a dosage of an active ingredient designed for ingestion can benefit from healthcare packaging with protective features that will frustrate inquisitive young hands. Find out more about our child resistant closures here.

Beautiful and Sustainable: Consumers today are increasingly conscious of the ingredients in their products and expect sustainability in product packaging. Choosing recycled and recyclable materials will resonate with this earth-conscious audience and help influence purchase decisions for many individuals.IMG_3606

MRP Solutions is committed to offering packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials, aligning with consumer expectations for a greener future. Personal care manufacturers can select from a wide range of recycled plastic packaging and environmentally friendly packaging.


MRP Solutions, Experienced Personal Care Packaging Suppliers

In the dynamic and competitive beauty and personal care market, MRP Solutions offers multiple solutions for innovative packaging solutions that adapt to any brand and any target audience. Whether it involves catering to consumers on the go or online, specific demographic segments or embracing sustainability, MRP Solutions is the smart choice among personal care packaging suppliers with the expertise and product line to help businesses navigate the changing beauty and personal care market. In fact, MRP Solutions is the chosen beauty and personal packaging manufacturer for major beauty brands.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses in this market segment to help select the packaging for personal care products for many successful product launches. Contact MRP Solutions to ensure your products make a lasting impression on store shelves, online, or wherever these products are sold.

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