Safe Kids Day: Put Your CRC Containers Up High

Medication safety. Child –resistant closures are not enough. Put medications out of reach of children. 

Safe_Kids_DayThis Sunday, April 26, marks a very important day in children safety procedures. Presented by Nationwide Insurance, Safe Kids Day reaches out to parents and educates them how to prevent child related accidents.

 “Most people are surprised to learn that preventable injuries—things like car crashes, drowning, fires and falls—are the leading cause of death to kids in the United States. Around the world a million children die each year from preventable injuries. We can change this.” (

One way to help participate in this day is to move all of your medications, some of which could be potentially harmful, up and away from a child’s reach. Child-resistant closures are just that, resistant, but not child-proof. There is still a chance that children could get into medication that is in their reach. It is important to identify medications that could harm your child and put them high up.

Companies like us here at Mold-Rite try to help keep children and families safe by providing child-resistant closures for harmful medications. Our child-resistant closure provides a barrier between your child and the harmful medicine they could consume. The closures help keep children out of these containers, but parents need to be aware that they also need to do their part as well.

Safe Kids Day calls attention to parents about the preventable injuries that kill children every day in the U.S.  Make today a safe day and put your medications away and out of view.

Interested in helping this organization? There are a couple ways that you can get involved in this great teaching day. You can either make a donation to support the campaign, become a fundraiser, attend a Safe Kids Day event in your community, and/or spread the word about Safe Kids Day via blog and social media channels. Click HERE to see how you can help.


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Posted by Amanda Thomas