Philippe’s Hot Mustard Spices Things Up this Winter

ADS Package of the Year warmed everyone on a regular day at the office.

Philippe_MustardWe tend to find anything in the winter to keep us warm; Northeast Ohio is no stranger to freezing temperatures and blustery snow conditions. Our Twinsburg location decided to spice things up and throw a warm lunch for the entire office.  Philippe’s Hot mustard was the star of this lunch!

Philippe The Original is one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California.  Visitors come from all of the country to try their well-known “French Dipped Sandwich”. To complement this classic sandwich, Philippe’s prepares and bottles their own hot mustard. It is best used sparingly as it is very hot French mustard.

To celebrate Philippe winning the Association of Dressings and Sauces’ 2014 Package of the Year, we decided to make our own representation of their famous sandwich. With the help of GFS, we pulled together a spicy lunch for the entire office with our own French dipped sandwiches, Philippe’s Mustard, chips and dessert!

Using our Ultra Light closure, Philippe’s mustard was easily dispersed slowly and evenly while keeping the separated liquid trapped inside of the container. This is especially important with the contents of the container are as spicy as this mustard.  Our employees were happy that they were able to try this mustard and were surprised to find that with just a small amount of hot mustard, the sandwich came to life.

Philippe’s Hot Mustard can be purchased at their online store or at their location in CA. 


Posted by Amanda Thomas