Pharma Tech Honors MRP as a Pharma Packaging Solutions Provider 2021

Pharma Tech Outlook releases their top 10 companies that are in the forefront of providing pharma packaging solutions annually, and this year, Mold-Rite is honored to be included in this prestigious award. 

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To select a pharmaceutical packaging provider for this award, the magazine looked at companies that provide a wide variety of packaging solutions for the market. Among these companies include Mold-Rite Plastics, Lux Global Label, Gerresheimer, Schott, and more. To view the entire list, click HERE.  Published in December 2021, the magazine evaluated designs, materials, features and processes that make suppliers stand out to select the top ten. All of the selected suppliers provide a wide span of features focused on quality, environmentally friendly, and quickly produced.  

When it comes to selecting the closure for any pharmaceutical package, MRP's expanded product portfolio offers solutions for a wide range of applications and requirements. Our many options and styles of child resistant pharmaceutical closures provide fully-compliant safety and security for packages. Combined with our vast selection of continuous thread closuresstrap caps, and jars,  we offer a number of solutions for your pharmaceutical packaging needs.

"Not only do we provide an expansive product portfolio, but we ensure that compliance and safety are integral parts of our value proposition," notes Brian Bauerbach, President and CEO at MRP.

Beyond our broad product line, there are other reasons why Mold-Rite is an ideal partner for child-resistant closures. Package designers in the healthcare and nutraceutical markets may be reassured to know that Mold-Rite is a Type III DMF holder with cGMP manufacturing capabilities. We offer product traceability, an audited quality system, ISO 9001 Certification, and a Certificate of Compliance with every order shipped. All of these mean that our customers can concentrate on the finer points of their product packaging, especially how appealing it looks on the shelf. 


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Sustainable and Secure

Mold-Rite closures are made from recyclable Polypropylene, and new advances in recycled materials have made Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin a reality for child resistant closures. In fact, Mold-Rite has successfully protocol tested up to 100% PCR in both the inner and outer components of our 45, 53 and 63mm CRC’s. Recently, Smarty Pants, one of the fastest growing vitamin manufacturers, made the choice to lead by example in incorporating recycled content into their packaging. Click HERE to read more about their sustainable success.


Expanding for the Future

In just the past 24 months, Mold-Rite has invested approximately $35MM in facility expansions, new tools, presses and lining equipment to improve the fast, flexible service Mold-Rite is known for. That capacity continues to come on line and as a result Mold-Rite has the ability to quickly fulfill your child resistant closure needs. 

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Posted by Aimee Weber