Packaging Innovation and Technology to Drive Shelf Impact

Is your packaging partner helping you stand out?

Before someone can buy your product, they need to spot it on the shelf first. Brand managers need to be sure they're using the very latest concepts in package design -- including closures -- to create a great experience for the consumer as well as strong shelf impact.

By leveraging the power of innovative package and closure design, you can create a higher-quality product that stands out against your competition. There are three core factors driving innovation in package manufacturing:

  1. Internal expertise. Innovative companies will have a team of staff dedicated to design, project management and execution. A 

    fully-capable design team can ideate with you, create with you, and can provide anything you need from a service to put your product into market. 

  2. Manufacturing capabiliities. A dedicated staff team requires the systems needed to produce a high-quality, standout product. Manufacturers who exceed at innovation will invest in more and/or better manufacturing equipment, such as molds and tool-and-dies.
  3. Product design. To find the most obvious sign of an innovative company, look to their previous products. If they are often pushing the bar on product design and looking for ways to increase both consumer satisfaction and shelf impact, chance are that they will apply that same dedication and forward-thinking to your specific projects and needs.
  4. Testing. The best package and closure designs are useless if they don't work for the target consumer. The best partners will test their products, and if needed, even offer advanced testing services for your specific application.

Choosing the right packaging partner can often drastically impact your shelf presence. Access our free, on-demand webinar to learn how packaging innovation can improve consumer experience and shelf impact in your products.


Posted by Aimee Weber