MRP’s Flapper Closure Heats up the Competition for Ice Melt

With Ice Melt buying season upon us, we take a look at what's hot in the market.

Believe it or not, the Spring and Summer months are huge for the ice melt market. With sales soaring in the winter months, manufactures and packagers plan now for the upcoming season. There are many different options in the market when it comes to packaging. Some companies are switching to bags while others are looking for innovative ways to freshen their packaging.  

Right now, there are two very popular types of closures out there for ice melt.


Comparison Results:

Flap-Style Dispensing

With its one piece, proven flap-style design for easy dispensing, the 110mm Flapper is all about convenience for the consumer. The 110mm Flapper comes in a .400 finish and offers either a slotted or full pour orifice option. Packagers also have the option to insert a logo or embossed/debossed decorating on the top of the closure; this helps improve shelf impact and brand recognition. The one-piece, low profile design provides seamless conversions from the regular continuous thread options that some companies still use.

Two-Piece Rotary Dial

The 110mm, .400 finish two-piece rotary dial is the other popular option for ice melt products. Consumers twist open/close the closure to get access to the product. It has around a 50% smaller orifice size than the competition, allowing the product to be dispersed in smaller amounts in each use. The offset orifice positioning of the rotary dial makes dispensing more difficult if the dial is not turned all the way to the correct opening. The top portion of the closure has a Y raised dial for easy turning and use. However, this raised dial does restrict the options for branding through embossing/debossing of the logo. The rotary dial design also allows product to get caught in the disc, which diminishes the appearance, functionality and usability of the product. The rotary design does increase shelf impact as well with its high profile design, but the two-piece design could also impact capping line performance.


Which one takes the win?

MRP’s 110 Lightweight Flapper Closure has a clean, contemporary look for maximum shelf impact and customized embossing. The flap-style slotted or pour orifice options make dispensing of ice melt easy and convenient for the user. With 20% less material than the standard 110 closure, it’s lightweight and environmentally friendly for all. 

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Posted by Amanda Thomas