Meet Jason, our MRP Plastic Closure Expert

Mold-Rite Plastics has long been known as a trusted supplier of Continuous Thread (CT) Closures including smooth side, ribbed side, matte top, smooth top, and stacking ring options.

stull.jason_lo.jpgWe met with Jason Stull, VP, Business Unit Manager – Food, Personal Care, Household Chemical, to gain some insight into the newest addition to our Somerset plant (formerly Stull Technologies), our 89mm RX and SX Continuous Thread Closures.

Q: What can you tell us about the newest Continuous Thread Closures coming to Somerset, NJ?

Jason: This new launch will be added capacity for an existing item to reduce lead times and provide customers with the fast, flexible and responsive service expected of Mold Rite Plastics. Manufacturing in Somerset will be a geographical advantage for customers, reducing their overall cost.

Q: How will moving these closures to Somerset impact our customers?

Jason: The added capacity will reduce lead times and support our commitment to delighting our customers, as well as provide freight advantages for many customers.

Q: What exactly are the 89mm SX and 89mm RX closures? How are they different?

Jason: Our 89mm SX and RXs are Continuous Thread Closures, meaning they are screw on and off caps. Our CTs are threaded to fit precisely on and seal your container. The SX CT features a smooth top and a smooth side and the 89mm RX CT has a matte top, an outside stacking ring and ribbed side. 

Q: Can you customize these CTs?

Jason: Yes, our CustomLITE program is available for these closures including, but not limited to, embossing and de-bossing options. Click HERE to read about all of the customization options available at MRP.

Q: What would be the ideal markets for these closures?

Jason: These closures are ideal for a diverse range of markets, including the following: food, snacks, grains and rice, nutraceutical products and powders, personal care jars and containers, and pet care.

Q: Lastly, where can our customers go to get more information about these Continuous Thread closures?

Jason: For more information, you can contact your Mold Rite Plastics Sales Director or Inside Sales Representative. You can also visit us via and email at


89_CT_Caps_small.jpgWe are pleased to announce that the Mold-Rite's 89mm SX and RX will now be available in Somerset, NJ. Finish your package with one of our jars! We offer a wide range of jars to fit our 89mm closures, including regular wall, thick wall, double wall jars with straight sides, square bases and round bases.

Count on the packaging experts at Mold-Rite Plastics to help you deliver the best possible package for your product.

Click below to request information and samples of our New 89mm SX and RX Continuous Thread Closures.


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Posted by Amanda Thomas