Mold-Rite March Matchup: The Ultimate Caps and Closures Showdown

It's that time of year again. As March begins to draw to a close, we're still in the middle of all this madness. And while you were watching basketball, we were pitting our best caps and closures against each other.

We also extended the competitive spirit by offering up a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner who told us their favorite for the top closures - we drew the winner on Tuesday, April 4th. 

Check out our March Matchup bracket to find out which caps couldn't cut it, and which ones came out on top.

caps and closures matchup

Meet the Contenders

LiquiFlapper®: dribbles and fast breaks have nothing on the LiquiFlapper. The perfect plastic cap for controlled dispensing of pourable products, from creamers to dressings to sauces, even pet foods! LiquiFlapper's one-piece design combines ease of use, shelf impact, and safe and secure packaging.

MegaFlap®: last year's underdog, this year's powerhouse. The MegaFlap features an industry-leading 120mm flip-top opening with built in scoop - perfect for nutritional powders and other food products. 

Flapper® Single-Flap: a team of consistent performers. Choose tear-drop directional pour or full open pour for controlled dispensing that eliminates product mess and waste. The Single-Flap team provides an ergonomic contemporary look for maximum style, shelf impact and brand awareness.

FlapMate®: the MVP of flapper closures for spices. Get the ultimate in flap-style dispensing for your packaging project with your brand logo or message on top. Multiple dispensing options help dispense spices, dry foods or personal care item of any size.

Disc Tops: the fan favorite of beauty packaging. Disc top closures offer consumers a quick and simple way to use the personal care products they want while providing attractive shelf presence and secure containment you need.

Continuous Thread: a true triple threat. The tried and true continuous thread design plus multiple color and size options mean they're in for the long haul.

Child-Resistant: the best offense is a good defense. Protect your loved ones with secure child-resistant closures that also stand out on the store shelf. Multiple sizes, styles and colors are available.

NutraGen II®: when you want to go all in with your packaging. More than just a plastic cap, our contemporary design sets your next plastic packaging project apart. One-piece design suitable for many types of plastic bottles - allowing easy dispensing of vitamins, minerals and pharmaceuticals.


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Posted by Aimee Weber