It’s Baby Safety Month: Let Child Resistant Closures Keep Kids Safe

Throughout September, learn about how to keep children out of harm’s way in the home.


Sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), all month long they have set out to create awareness around the safety concerns in homes occupied by young children. Home safety is at the top of their priority, making sure all harmful things are out of reach of children, or hard for children to gain access to the items.

To help keep children out of household cleaning supplies that could harm them if swallowed, make it a habit to store the items up high. Try to store cleaning products in their original packaging until they are ready to be used by someone. Also, make sure there are proper child resistant caps or closures on items that could be ingested by children. Proper safety precautions and child resistant closures will help keep your little ones safe and out of harm’s way.

To read American Cleaning Institute (ACI)’s PSA announcement about this important month, click here.

For parents that would like to help instruct their children on which cleaners not to touch, click here for the activity sheet. Or click below to learn more about our CRC options.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas