Compare our MegaFlap to CT Closures for Powder Supplements

Who will win? Our Megaflap goes head-to-head with CT closures to see who gives plastic packaging closures the competitive edge.

Go to your local GNC or supplement store and you will see it—the wall of protein powders and shakes. Packaging companies take great pains trying to stand out in the sea of all the different kinds of powders. The majority of these powder containers have many negative attributes in common – consumers lose their scoop, the powder gets everwhere in their gym bag, and they just make a mess. Take a dare and compare how the MegaFlap packaging design for powder supplement packaging stacks up next to the usual CT closure.

MegaFlapMegaFlap Closure:

In the top half, with a cap size of 120mm, we have the new MegaFlap closure from MRP.  This closure is all about easy. Easy access to the product. Easy, one-hand opening. Easy marketing opportunities. Easy way to stand out on the self. The MegaFlap has a full open orifice to allow the consumer’s hand to fit into the package and open/close it with only one hand. The closure also offers an audible snap sound when closing, assuring the consumer that their product will stay fresh. The best part is the scoop retention feature. This prevents messes and losing the scoop that so many consumers deal with daily.  With a variety of color options, the MegaFlap will help set your package apart from the rest.

Continuous Thread (CT) Closure:

In the bottom half we have the CT closure. The majority of the players on the shelf have this type of closure. This closure is a basic lid without any features. You can twist it on and off with both hands. Once off, you have to set the cap on the counter and make a mess. Once the cap is placed back onto the package, it just screws back on; there isn’t any comfort of a fresh product. The biggest struggle is losing the scoop inside of the powder and frustrated consumers have to dig through the powder to find it again.


Who takes the win?

The winner goes to the MegaFlap! With its scoop retention feature and one-hand operation, consumers will have an enjoyable experience while using their powders. Let your package stand out on the self and let it speak for its self.

Take the challenge. Click below to see the enlarged infographic and get your sample today. See how Mold-Rite's Megaflap closure can make the difference.


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Posted by Amanda Thomas