INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Ways to Make an Impact with Decorative Closures

MRP’s customized closures offer more than just making a package look nice.

7_Decorating_IconWhen it comes to designing the perfect package, custom colors, stamping and embossing aren’t just for decoration. Mold-Rite Plastics’ customized closures can help build brand loyalty by being easily recognized, increase shelf impact with their unique design and help drive sales. The infographic states that 70% of purchasing decisions are made right at the shelf and 64% consumers may buy a product off of the shelf without knowing about it first. These consumers base their purchasing decisions on packaging that stands out from the rest. 

In a recent study conducted by MeadWestvaco, 31% of global consumers consider packaging very or extremely important to their overall satisfaction with consumer products. With that said, more than 77% believe brands are headed in the right direction when it comes to new trends in packaging. This opens up an opportunity for packaging companies to take advantage of customization and decorated closures to keep up with these changing trends. With unlimited colors available and multiple printing offerings, companies today have more creative options than ever to increase overall satisfaction and shelf impact.

Our infographic will explore the following decorating options to help boost your sales:

  1.          Embossing/debossing
  2.          Tipping
  3.          Hot stamping
  4.          Offset printing
  5.          Kiss printing
  6.          Screen printing
  7.          Digital printing

It’s time for you to find out which decorating option is best for your next project. Download our infographic to discover the impact of attractive packaging and explore the seven decorative options that will make your next package design stand out from the crowd.  

Download Infographic

Posted by Amanda Thomas