Hurry! Special Pricing on our MegaFlap Plastic Closure is Ending Soon!

Our MegaFlap closure could be yours at a discounted rate, now through August 30th.

Megaflap_OptifiberWe are excited to announce that our Optifiber package has won the 2015 Silver Drug & Pharmaceutical award at the recent National Association of Container Distributors event. In recognition of this award utilizing our MegaFlap plastic closure, we're offering SPECIAL PRICING AND CUSTOMIZATION DISCOUNTS* on your first MegaFlap order, now through August 30! 

This plastic closure is all about easy. Easy access to the product. Easy, one-hand opening. Easy marketing opportunities. Easy way to stand out on the self. The MegaFlap has a full open orifice to allow the consumer’s hand to fit into the package and open/close it with only one hand. The closure also offers an audible snap sound when closing, assuring the consumer that their product will stay fresh. The best part is the scoop retention feature. This prevents messes and losing the scoop that so many consumers deal with daily. The MegaFlap is ideal for the nutritional supplements, snacks, ice melt, lawn care, pet food, and dry household product markets.



The MegaFlap provides all the convenience that consumers love! With a variety of color options, the MegaFlap will help set your package apart from the rest.

Request a quote today and you'll be surprised how cost effective it can be! 

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*Summer Special - for your first order of 600,000 units or more received prior to August 30, 2015 we will offer $10,000 towards customizable inserts. Contact your sales director for more details.

Posted by Amanda Thomas