How are you recycling this Earth Day?

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. 

With so many things changing around the world due to COVID-19, it is important now more than ever to take care of our planet.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To help celebrate, is going digital this year. With materials and at-home digital actions, it is still possible to celebrate Earth Day, despite stay at home orders that many are currently experiencing. Here are some examples of things you can do:

 Earth Challenge 2020

Hand holding smartphone with hand drawn media icons and symbols conceptUse the Earth Challenge 2020 app to gather critical environmental data near you. Earth Challenge 2020 is the app fueling the world’s largest citizen science effort, available on Android and iOS devices. Earth Challenge lets you gather important scientific data near you. It has two elements for you to measure — air quality and plastic pollution — with more on the way. Get the app to join other citizen scientists helping to make a cleaner, healthier planet.

Make an Earth Day Window Sign

Earth Day 2020 is going digital to protect public health, but the classic cardboard sign (or poster board, or paper, or whatever’s at hand) can let your neighbors know they can get involved. One of the easiest ways you can get ready while practicing hands-on advocacy is to put a sign in your window. There’s 

Close-up portrait of a cute young boy holding globe at the park

one big difference between a window sign and a marching sign: followup! You have to give people who see it something to do next. We recommend including #EARTHRISE, #EarthDay2020, or on your sign. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started:


The climate’s changing; why aren’t we?  |  Don’t be a fossil fool  |  Let’s rise up before the seas do


Biodiversity or bust!  |  Respect existence or expect resistance  |  No Nature, no future

Earth Day at Mold-Rite Plastics

The premise of Earth Day is in full effect every day at MRP Solutions.  We know that plastic packaging offers many benefits, particularly in situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, we also know that it’s important for manufacturers like us to protect the Earth during the production process and be mindful of what happens to plastic packaging once it has been used.

The MRP Solutions team is a great advocate for the Earth. At each manufacturing facility, there is a dedicated sustainability team that focuses on ways to enhance an already sustainable production process. From utilizing hydroelectric power, and energy efficient lighting to renewable energy chillers and efficient air compressors, Mold-Rite facilities are operating safely and efficiently. Additionally, materials are reused and recycled throughout the production process, with goals to continually reduce waste.

APR-Member-BadgeTo enhance our sustainability efforts, MRP Solutions is now a member of the Association of Plastic Recyclers. Through this organization, we are working to support collection of recyclable materials, including our closures, for reuse. Click the video below to see the journey of a cap from the store shelf to a newly created recycled product.



Recycling Journey of a Plastic Cap from APR on Vimeo.





MRP Solutions utilizes recycled plastic too! Many of our products are available in Post Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR.) That’s why it is so important to make sure recyclable materials are cleaned and placed into curbside or community recycling bins. Join us in the effort to reduce waste and increase the amount of recycled plastic that is available to produce closures. 

Where can you find PP #5 recycled materials? You might be surprised  to learn that many recycled materials are already in items you own. According to The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), Polypropylene #5 can be found in items like your plastic tooth brush, clothes hangers, yogurt containers, utensils and even your plastic lawn furniture! 





Let's work together to help protect our planet, one piece at a time.

Take a moment and see if you can piece together the MRP Earth Day puzzle below:

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Posted by Aimee Weber