Honey Packaging: Some Closures Can Solve Even the Stickiest of Messes

MRP’s Ultra Light™ Closure enhances Rice’s Honey consumer’s experience in more ways than one.

RiceSuccessStory-Revised-1It’s safe to say that most consumers can agree—honey can be a sticky mess that is hard to clean up. The less chance of a mess, the happier the customer will be with your product. A happier customer could mean a repeat purchase and hopefully they become brand loyal.  

Innovators, such as Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey, LLC, know the value of a happy customer.  For over 90 years, Rice’s Honey Company has been supplying pure, raw honey nationwide.  After deciding that they wanted to update their packaging, reduce messes and enhance their customer’s experience, Rice’s Honey partnered with TricorBraun and Mold-Rite Plastics (MRP) to find the best solution to their sticky problem.

The result?  A closure that promotes a clean area while delivering shelf impact. MRP’s  38mm Ultra Light does that and more. With the closure's easy-open 180 degree recessed top and .250 orifice size, the Ultra Light is easy-to-pour;  Rice's Lucky Clover honey is able to be evenly dispersed without a mess. The Ultra Light also helps builds their brand image with its modern design, making it stand out on the shelf among the other honey brands.

Click on the image at the left to read how Rice’s Honey solved their sticky situation with MRP’s Ultra Light closure.

The Ultra Light worked for this honey company, and it can work for your next honey project, too. Save the hassle of sticky messes and try a sample of our Ultra light today.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas