Get Ready for the Fourth of July with MRP

How Food Packaging can help ensure your prep for the Fourth is not a Flop

Independence Day is a time to celebrate the many freedoms that we enjoy in America. What’s a better way of celebrating than getting together with your family and friends and cooking out while watching fireworks? People love gathering together and grilling traditional food favorites that the entire family will enjoy. With endless menu options, prepping for your holiday gathering can become stressful. Here at MRP, we have some tasty suggestions featuring dispensing closures that will make your preparations a breeze and leave more time for enjoying the fireworks:

MRP’s Fourth of July Feast for Everybody’s Taste Buds

morton-sea-salt-rubs-5-250x306.pngFire up the flames and get cooking with Morton Sea Salt Rubs. Our favorite combination is a   delicious Ribeye Steak with Cracked Peppercorn and Herb rub. Morton Sea Salt Rubs pair perfectly with steak as well as chicken, pork and fish. The Morton Sea Salt Rub features the MRP FlapMate closure which easily opens and closes with one hand and evenly distributes the seasoning making preparation less messy.  Check out for more savory ideas.



AnothSpice_Cave_Land.pnger option for your Fourth of July cookout is Butcher Box Pork Chops seasoned with Land - Savory Garlic Seasoning and Wind - Herbaceous Seasoning from The Spice Cave. The spice packaging experts at Mold-Rite Plastics recommend the Flapper Closure as an ideal dispensing closure for spices like these offering both a shake and spoonable orifice.   



Next give your guests a real kick with the Rajili Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Mango Salsa. Frank’s RedHot Sweet Ginger Rajili hot sauce looks and works great for the lovers of hot sauce. The MRP twist-open cap (one of our many dispensing closures designed especially for squeezable condiments) lets you control the heat so your guests will have the perfect pork at your picnic.



RL rice honey.png

For your grand finally, how about this great dessert featuring L.R. Rice Honey?  Honey Chocolate Cake is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without all of the added sugar.  Featuring the Ultra Light closure, your honey is sure to dispense into your recipe without any waste.


If you're searching to spice up your product's packaging, look no further than Mold-Rite Plastics. We're experts in food packaging and have all the plastic caps and closures you need to create a food package that consumers will love. Click below to find out more!

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Posted by Aimee Weber