Closures for Soaps and Sanitizers

High performance packaging for cleaner and sanitizer packages ready to meet COVID-19 demand 

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Functionality and availability are quickly becoming the most important factors when selecting closures for soaps and sanitizers given their high demand amidst current coronavirus concerns. For those products requiring the squeezable convenience of a dispensing closure, look no further than Mold-Rite Plastics to provide a variety of options.

While disc top closures have long been a standard closure of choice for many personal care products like soap and sanitizer, there are many other caps that can perform equally as well and can be available in a fraction of the time. Consider pairing a dispensing plug with a continuous thread closure to dispense just the right amount of product. Additionally, closures like the LiquiFlapper® and the Ultra Light® are standouts for liquids and gels, not only in the food market where they are typically utilized, but also for personal care products.

Whether you want your package sealed securely to keep it from leaking or keep contaminates out, our strap cap closures are an ideal solution. We offer many unique designs and orifice sizes to securely store and pour a variety of liquids from chemicals to saline solution.

While not typically considered standard closures for personal care soaps and sanitizers, consider that push/pull closures have successfully been used as a typical dish soap dispensing cap. With similar viscosities, hand soaps and sanitizers can also perform well with this type of closure. Note that these closures have an SP 100 and SP 103 finish.

Beyond these, know that open spout closures can effectively dispense with great directional accuracy. Finally, why not give it a twist? Mold-Rite has many twist open – twist close closure options. The distinct streamlined shape of our twist open - twist close dispensing closures combined with fresh color options gives any package instant appeal. Twist open - twist close closures have a clearly visible sealing indicator that prevents product leakage, particularly important for on-the-go packages.



Posted by Amanda Thomas