The Best Caps and Closures for Beauty Packaging

In the beauty packaging industry, it's important for products to look attractive on the shelf, while keeping the lotions, liquids, powders and balms securely contained.

Disc top shampoo.jpgMold-Rite’s closures, dispensing tops and cosmetic containers offer consumers a quick and simple way to use the beauty products they want, while providing attractive shelf presence and secure containment you need.

  • Disc top caps securely store hair, skin and body care solutions and are easily understood by consumers.
  • Jars and continuous thread closures can hold skin care product and lip balms with high containment and a significant landscape for decoration and customization.

When considering containers and closures for your health and beauty products, it's important to remember that both containment and an attractive design can make or break your success.

Watch our video to learn more about Mold-Rite's beauty packaging solutions.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas