Closure Customization for Maximum Shelf Impact

As shelves become more and more crowded, and online buying continues to depend on visual impact, it is continually important to stand out among other packaging. Not only that, but consumers are both consciously and subconsciously influenced by your package's overall design during their purchasing process. In fact, your closure and packaging can often become their own "brand within a brand". Customizing your closure can have a direct impact on your package's success.

MRP_Catalog_Cover_verticle-1.pngPackaging customization options can range from cap color matching to surface finishes to liner selection to decorating options. With so many combinations of options for making your design unique, it is important to understand all of the factors to consider in your design:

  • Liners: you can use a liner to give you various properties - to seal a package, to make it tamper evident, to give you barrier properties.
  • Colors: since the best closure vendors can practically "mold the rainbow", choosing the right closure color can help your customers quickly recognize your product on the shelf.
  • Surface Finishes: it is possible to combine surface finish options, so your cap might have gloss on raised areas, de-bossed areas and more to help your product stand out.
  • Decorating Solutions: common decorating options include ink-based, foil-based and pressure-sensitive labeling which, when combined with other customizations, can bring the whole package together.
  • Closure Styles: an easy way and cost-effective way to stand out is to take advantage of your supplier's stock cap styles - such as opening size, flip top or child-resistant.

There are virtually unlimited ways to combine the customizations available for closures, so where do you begin? Our free Closure Customization webcast further expores the options available, the processes behind them and how they impact your overall success.

Don't delay - your package's design and shelf impact is too important to ignore.

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Posted by Aimee Weber