Medical Cannabis Could be Coming to a State Near You

Many companies may benefit from the upcoming November ballets.

Cannabis Industry

According to, this past week United States’ largest investor in the cannabis industry, along with 100 other cannabis- related companies, held a pitch forum on September 19th, 2014. These pitches were given to help spark interest in this growing market; the cannabis industry is expected to rise to around $2.6 billion by the end of the year. According to a recent article in the, “Illinois received 369 applications for medical marijuana business licenses, which means about 1 in 5 applications will win approval to open grow houses and retail centers in the state.”

Recent articles suggest that the following states are next in line to allow the sales of medical marijuana:

Rhode Island: This state already has over 50% of the state’s Senate approving of this legalization.

Alaska: This state will be voting on the legalization in the November polls.

Oregon: Measure 91 will be on the upcoming ballet. Since May 2013, around 57% are estimated to support for the legalization of marijuana.

California: As of this month, the Marijuana Policy Project has filed paperwork out to begin raising money to get the legalization of marijuana on the ballet for November 2016.

CannabisRight now, there are 21 states that allow sales of marijuana in some form and that number is expected to rise. The demand for marijuana-related products and services as well as cannabis packaging is expected to grow sharply as more states loosen their cannabis laws. With this demand emerging, many pharmaceutical packaging companies are taking note and looking into entering this market. Due to this market being relatively new, there are a few key consistencies with the current packaging. 

The packaging of cannabis goods includes the use of child resistant and continuous thread closures, vials and jars. Our company's jar selection is 100% opaque, polypropylene, but it does come in many standard and custom colors. The jars are airtight and moisture resistant to ensure freshness and odor proof. Our child resistant closures are protocol tested to meet all CPSC standards and are meet safety regulations. 

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Posted by Amanda Thomas