Private Label Nutraceutical Packaging is Rising Above the Rest

Trends in 2014 indicate a rise in the development of private label vitamin supplements.

NutraGen IIConvenience and ease of use in the nutraceutical packaging industry are both still major trends being watched by private label companies. With the continued rise of health concerns in the U.S. and the trend of being fit and healthy, more and more consumers are purchasing products that once only athletes used. Popular nutraceutical products, such as protein powders and vitamin supplements, are becoming accepted by a larger audience and more mainstream. Consumers are seeing the benefit of purchasing such these such items to help improve their daily lives.

Many companies are seeing this rising trend and are developing private label vitamin supplements for this growing audience. By using cutting-edge ingredients and promoting them on the package’s label, these types of products are standing out among the competition on the shelf. Ingredients such as Phytoceramides (a plant-based lipid for skin) and Garcinia Cambogia (weight lost plant extract) are increasing in popularity and are expected to grow throughout the 2014 year. These popular products can be in many different forms such as gummies, liquids, shots, capsules, etc.

EZ-Safe Child Resistant ClosureAnother large trend for the private label vitamin market is to promote the popular ingredients onto the package itself. Using different parts of the packaging can make the product stand out while promoting to consumers. For example, using a smooth, flat surface of the top of the closure, like our EZ-Safe and EZ-Grip, can give the private label company an opportunity to promote in a unique fashion. Promotions on closures like these examples are showing up more on the shelves than ever.

Each year brings in new and innovative packaging in the private label vitamin market. With all of the new products and trends, convenience and ease of use still remain a top priority. The easier the product is to open and use, the more likely the consumer will re-purchase and spread the word to others. As consumers lives become busier, new product launches try to incorporate these trends while still being unique and innovative.


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Posted by Amanda Thomas