INFOGRAPHIC: What the Elderly Really Want in Packaging

Senior-friendly closures must be easy to use for today's baby boomers.

With the rise of baby boomers retiring, there has been an increasing demand for senior-friendly products. In order for a product to be considered “senior-friendly”, at least 90% of adults must be able to open the package within 5 minutes. If the product takes more than 5 minutes to open and access the goods, it is not considered to be “senior friendly” and the consumer may have a harder time opening the package.

Senior-friendly caps and closures

The easier the package is to open, the more likely seniors will re-purchase the item. Seniors prefer jars and closures that offer a better grip and leverage while still having the child resistant feature. With the many different types of pills/capsules being consumed by seniors, it is important to keep grandchildren out of their containers.

MRP Solutions EZ-Safe® closure provides the robust ribbed outer for an easier grip but also is a part of the child resistant closure line. It is products like the EZ-Safe closure that allows seniors to have peace of mind knowing that their grandchildren will not be able to access their medicines, but they can open the closure without any assistance.

Another closure, the MegaFlap®, would also be considered "senior-friendly" by definition. The closure is easily opened with one hand and has an audible “snap” when closed to ensure freshness of the product. The MegaFlap has a large opening for easy access to the product and it also has a scoop retention option on the top so there is not any digging for lost scoops.


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Posted by Aimee Weber