VIDEO: Child Resistant Closures Are Not Just for the Average Person

Closures are breaking out of the standard mold and offering something that is unique for both seniors and children.

A closure that is easy to open but still child resistant at the same time? Until now, both of these features were not commonly put together into packaging. However, Mold-Rite Plastics’ new EZ-Safe and EZ-Grip closures offer something for the old and young. Its ergonomic “ribbed” outside provides the elderly with an easy way to grip and open the bottle at their convenience while still keeping children out.

EZSafeThe EZ-Grip is designed to offer older consumers with an effortless and efficient way to twist off and on closures on their medications. This closure is the newest addition to Mold-Rite’s Continuous Thread (CT) line.  The pronounced, ergonomic “ribbed” outside makes this closure stand out from the rest while providing relief to the senior population.

The EZ-Safe closure is the best of both worlds with a combination of the EZ-Grip closure and the standard child resistant closure. This closure has the robust ribbed outside, but also has the push down and twist option to keep children out of harm’s way. In addition to the child resistant feature, it also still has the benefits of the easy to twist open EZ-Grip line.

The EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe product lines offer:

  • enhanced shelf impact

  • maximum consumer comfort

  • ease-of-use, senior- friendly

  • multiple colors, sizes, liners and quantities

  • promotional flexibility 

  • responsive and reliable delivery


To request a sample of the EZ-Safe or EZ-Grip, click HERE.

Watch the Packstory below to see how the EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe can add value to your product:


Posted by Amanda Thomas