See The Many Ways You Can Use Grated Cheese Closures

Our 70mm CF Flapper is making its way into the dry product market segment

70mm CFYou can find grated cheese everywhere from a consumer’s kitchen table to nationwide restaurants. New flavors and uses for grated cheeses and their packaging continue to appear in the product market. With our updated 70mm CF flapper, you can expand beyond the basic grated cheese market and add it to a wide range of dry products. With having the option to either shake or pour the product, it can make your consumer’s life easier while providing an updated look and feel to your package.


The CF closure would work great with the following markets:

Food Market


The most obvious use for our GF closure is grated cheese. But did you know you can use this closure on a variety of other dry food products? These products can range anywhere from seasonings to sprinkles. If the product could be poured/ spooned out and shaked, then this closure could be a right fit.  It is especially good for cooks who need to be able to do both of these things while busy working in a kitchen; having both option allows them to measure each ingredient perfectly every time. With a larger 70mm size, this closure would be ideal for bulk products such as steak seasoning, sauce mixes, sugars, etc. 


Amdro Ant Block

Household Market

Does your product help stop bugs or keep plants healthy? Then the CF closure might be a good option for your product.  Consumers can easily and consistently pour their chemicals through our .470 sift option directly on the targeted area. If they are using this product for a larger area, our pour option can help disperse the product evenly onto any surface. Some closure will allow the products to come out too fast and the consumer could end up killing their plants or using too much of the chemical, creating a hazardous environment. Help avoid that situation with our closure.


pet care

Pet Care Market

This closure would work great with products such as fish food, deodorizers, flaky foods, etc. Consumers can easily pour or shake their pet's food with one hand while keeping it fresh. Our pets are an extension of our family, so we want to give them the freshest food possible while still being able to do other chores around the house. This closure will give your consumers the convience of being able to feed their pets fresh food while still be able to take care the rest of the family.


The 70mm CF closure can help update the products in all of these markets with its easy one-hand operation, convenient dispensing, and audible “snap” to ensure freshness of your product.


Want to see how this cap can work with your product?

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Posted by Amanda Thomas