Plastic Closures Can Help Make Your 4th of July Easy and Fun

Convenient packaging can help you prepare for your Fourth of July party 

It’s almost time to celebrate! With everything from grilling to sunscreen, there is a lot of preparation required to make sure your party flows smoothly. Our plastic closures and packaging can help you through this process. You want something that does not make your products clump together, while still making it easy for you to get everying done efficiently. 

The following products can help kick your party off hassle-free:

Ultra LightPhilippes Mustard

You have not had mustard until you’ve tried this one. From one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California, this mustard is prized for its hot taste and going great on hot dogs and burgers. And the best part about this mustard isn’t just the taste; it’s the lack of the thin liquid that usually comes with standard mustards. There is not any liquid because our Ultra Light closure on this bottle features a liquid trap that keeps the separated liquid inside of the bottle at all times.



McCormick Grill Mates

You cannot have a fourth of July party without grilling. This McCormick seasoning gives everything a little kick and it is particularly great on burgers and steaks. This larger size of this seasoning allows you to continue to use it throughout the summer.  With our Flapper® closure on this product, you can easily spoon out the seasoning or shake it on for an even, controlled flow. Either way you use it, the McCormick seasoning will help make your food taste great!


Over the TopOver The Top Sprinkles

The icing on the cake for a great party comes to the desert table. For those that take baking seriously, you know how important it is to have the right ingredients when making your dish. Over The Top’s Sprinkles is the right consistency of color and sugar. Great on cookies and cake, these sprinkles can be poured out evenly due to our LiquiFlapper®. Our closure’s tear drop orifice allows consistent flow and reduces messes in the kitchen.


CVS Sun Lotion

CVS Sunscreen Pouch

 Don’t forget the sunscreen! As you are enjoying your July 4th festivities, remember to protect your skin from the harsh rays. With CVS’ new sunscreen pouches, you can bring it everywhere you go. This new package has less plastic than its competitors, while still giving you the same amount of protection. With our disc top closure on top, this product comes out smoothly and allows you to dispense only what you need. 



These products can help you feel less stressed and enjoy your Fourth of July party!

 See any closures that you would like to try?

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Posted by Amanda Thomas