Top 5 Reasons Why Our Stocking Program is Right for You

Our disc top stocking program can help ease some of your dispensing closure problems

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It happens to the best of us in the packaging industry; you have a problem arise and need a fast, inexpensive way to solve it.  In the dispensing closure world, many things like minimum order amounts, inventory holding costs, emergency shipments, etc. can become an everyday problem to meet customer demands. With all of this in mind, the teams at Mold-Rite Plastics, Weatherchem and Stull Technologies designed a disc top stocking program to help ease the stress of these typical problems.

The Disc Top Stocking Program, or SCIP (Supply Chain Improvement Program), can help fix some of the common problems that could arise on a daily basis.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why our program can ease your stress:

1.  We have a faster shipping time than the industry norm on standard orders.

With this program, you can receive select disc top closures in one week or less. On standard orders, you can receive it between 2 to 4 weeks. With increasing demand from customers, you can get an emergency shipment to capitalize on an immediate opportunity.

 2.  This program will help you spend less time worrying about planning ahead.

With the program's extremely fast shipping, you will not have to plan extremely far out in advance for each order. You can rest easy knowing that we will be shipping your closures within a reasonable time.

 3.  You can order what you need, when you need it.

You no longer have to stress about holding inventory while tying up cash. It’s on your own time.

 4.  Our minimum order quantity is low.

How low? You can order as little as one case at a time! This also helps with holding inventory because you will not have to hold more than what you need.

 5. You can get all of this with popular disc top sizes and styles.

This program offers some of our most ordered disc top closures in either black, white or natural.  To see the full list of closures offered in this program, CLICK HERE


Interested in find more information about our new program or want to see how our closures look on your packaging, feel free to request a sample today!

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Posted by Amanda Thomas