Your Plastic Closure Questions Answered

Plastic packaging manufacturers can learn new trends through our 4 Key Questions 

Have you ever wondered what exactly went into a great package design? Information is key to understanding what your consumers are searching for in packaging. To find this information, there are a few main questions that you should be asking yourself when designing or updating your product’s packaging.

Packaging QuestionsA new infographic has been created to help you learn the newest trends. To do this, the infographic focuses on the four key questions that every plastic packaging manufacturer needs to answer in order to create designs with strong shelf impact.



Based on the latest trends in package design, the infographic highlights:

  • how to approach the initial research and what to look for

  • the functional requirements for packaging

  • how to bridge the gap between certain organizational teams

  • enhancing the “defining moment” for the product

The infographic also describes several trends that drive answers to the four key questions. For instance, one industry survey cited convenience, rising health awareness and brand enhancement as the top factors that influence packaging demand. In addition, sustainability concerns are affecting package design, as more than half of U.S. consumers say they are willing to sacrifice convenience if it means creating more sustainable packaging solutions.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas