Sleek Look: Beauty Packaging That Will Turn Heads

Disc top closures offer shelf impact on some of the most popular hair care products 

What are some major beauty concerns for the majority of consumers in the summer? Dry, oily, frizzy, limp or split hair is just one of those concerns. There are many hair care products today tailored specifically to each of these problems. With so many options on the shelf, how do consumers select one? One way is to use the same one that they have always used. Another way is to select one that stands out to them. These types of hair care products stand out to consumers are based on a number of attributes: it does what they want, it smells good, it offers something unique, etc. Whether they think about it or not, the packaging can affect how consumers purchase their hair care products.

The following products offer shelf impact with their sleek, yet simple disc top closure design: 

 Personal CareKeratin Complex Shampoo Treatment:

This line of hair care products is known for its ability to keep the consumers hair silky with natural keratin. This product offers a contemporary white bottle with a custom 28 mm disc top closure. The closure offers a pop of color on the pushdown feature. This added color makes it stand out among their competitors. Each color is customized to match the text of the bottle for each type of shampoo and conditioner.

American Crew Cooling Conditioner:

American Crew is made with men in mind. This particular product offers lime and citrus oils that help condition the hair. This bottle is a mint green with a custom color 24mm disc top closure. The closure matches the cool color scheme of this product. Each product in this series has a custom color closure to match the bottle perfectly.

Biosilk Thickening Shampoo:

This product is for anyone who is has thinning hair or for someone who just wants a fuller look. This product helps raise each strand of hair and nourishes it with Vitamin B and Wheat Proteins. Biosilk offers a unique design with its curved bottle that fits perfectly in a hand. It also has a matching custom color 24mm disc top closure. The disc top closure helps give the package a sleek and modern feel for the consumer.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas