Dispensing Closures Sweeten the Deal for Confectionary Packagers

Top 5 Reasons Why Sweetener Packagers and Consumers Want the Flapper® Cap

When you’re getting ready to bake some cookies or a cake, you probably don’t give much thought to the plastic dispensing closure on your container of granulated sugar. That is unless the plastic closure was not created with convenience in mind. A twist-off cap might get lost under the fridge. A flip top cap without a well-designed spout may lead to an inaccurate measurement of sweetener or make a big mess when you pour. Substandard caps may lead to frustration and delays in completing your yummy recipe.

To optimize the consumer experience, it’s up to the confectionary and sweetener brand packagers to make sure these issues are addressed in the package design phase of the product. What are the two biggest factors? Colorful and convenient packaging is required to appeal to customers and differentiate the brand. In this highly competitive market, Weatherchem offers several innovative products, including the original Flapper and FlapMate®, that are easy to use and look great on the store shelf. Here’s one example of how the company’s plastic dispensing closure made a real difference for one customer:

Florida Crystals Organic Cane Sugar 48 ozCustomer:

Florida Crystals is a leading domestic sugar manufacturer and North America’s first fully integrated cane sugar company. It is the first and only producer of certified organic sugar in the U.S. that’s grown and harvested in the U.S. With the largest renewable energy facility of its kind in North America, the company provides clean energy that powers its sugar operations and tens of thousands of homes—reducing the use of fossil fuels.


Florida Crystals sweetener


The company’s customers requested additional ease-of-use features on the sweetener’s plastic dispensing closure. They wanted the sugar to pour in a more controlled way that keeps the recipe accurate and the kitchen clean.


Florida Crystals chose the Flapper flip top cap because of its proven dispensing convenience and ability to preserve the quality of the company’s organic and natural sugar products. Here are the top five reasons Florida Crystals chose the Flapper:

1. Clean, controlled dispensing that satisfies consumers

2. Ergonomic, contemporary and colorful design that stands out on the shelf

3. Audible "snap" provides maximum security and product freshness

4. Easy transition from CT caps

5. Fits multiple bottle sizes for easy ordering and simplified production

Feedback Direct from Customer:

“We order and store just one closure for both our 48 oz. jug and 16 oz. canister, which really simplifies the manufacturing production. Florida Crystals has relied on Weatherchem as the sole-source supplier of flip top closures since 1998. Consistent on-time deliveries, stable pricing and timely responses to our needs have led to a relationship that is valued by both companies.”—Kevin Dick, distribution center plant manager at Florida Crystals.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas