Nutra Packagers Take Notice: Whey Protein Market Is Gaining Muscle

Innovative plastic closures offer easy, clean dispensing of protein powders

Trends in nutraceutical brand packaging, including plastic closures, are greatly influenced by
the demands for various products. One example of this is the nutritional powder market.

What types of powders are on the rise? According to an article from, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition recently published research revealing how whey protein powder helps individuals lose or maintain weight as part of their fitness program. Whey protein, a protein found in dairy products, contains all essential amino acids required by the body and is easy to digest.

As the awareness about the benefits of whey protein increases, it’s likely that more health-conscious consumers will want to buy whey protein products. As the demand for whey increases, how will nutra brand packagers make their products stand out on the store shelf?

MegaFlap Open

The best place to start is at the top of the package with the plastic closure. Since the closure is going to control how the consumer accesses the product, it has to be easy to use and attractive.

Functionality aside, the MegaFlap is a great choice for nutra brand packagers who want shelf impact. It has a clean, modern look. But it also has a large embossing area for customized marketing messages or logos, so you can really use MegaFlap to help build your brand. MRP Solution’s MegaFlap plastic closure is the ideal contemporary closure for whey protein powder. It has a full open orifice for easy access—no matter how large the consumer’s hand is. It also has a built-in scoop retention mechanism, so you never lose the scoop or have to go sifting through the powder to find it. Besides being more sanitary, this feature keeps your kitchen cleaner by preventing a big powdery mess.  And it makes a “snap” sound after reclosing, so you don’t have to worry about your whey protein staying fresh.

The market for contemporary plastic closures for protein powders is only going to pick up momentum as more health and nutrition studies are published. Stay ahead of the packaging curve by incorporating innovative plastic closures like MegaFlap in your protein powder package.


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Posted by Amanda Thomas