Recycle Plastic Closures to Help Save the Earth


Earth Day Brings Awareness to Helping the Earth.

It's Time to Do Your Part.

2014 Earth DayOn April 22, people across the world take part in Earth Day. Its main purpose is to educate the world and address the issues that are harming the earth, bring them to everyone's attention and find ways to reduce this risk. is focused around teaching people about the different ways they can do their part in their community. 

The Earth Day Network has many different projects underway in 2014 that you can get involved in. 

The Canopy Project

Earth Day Network will plant a tree for every dollar that is donated to this project. These trees are planted where they are needed; they are planted to help filter the air and reverse land degradation. Since 2012, they have planted 1.5 million trees in over 15 countries. Earth Day Network has made a pact that they will plant 10 million trees by 2017 (

Green Schools Campaign

This organization feels it is important to have schools participate in the 'being green' initiative. This would include having schools give sustainable food for lunches, put in green infrastructures and educate their students about how to be green. Earth Day Network is encouraging people to contact Congress and ask for them to fund environmental education in schools in your area.

Recycle Plastic

Another way to help on Earth Day is to start recycling if you do not already. This is something that you can do on your own; you do not have to donate anything and it can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle. You cannot avoid using items like plastic jugs and paper, but make an effort to purchase these items in packaging that can be recycled and reused as something else!

Take a look inside of your cupboards and see how much plastic you have that is not recyclable. Mold-Rite Plastics l Stull Technologies l Weatherchem produce number 5 recycle plastic closures and jars. All of our items can be recycled and reused for multiple purposes. 

To learn more about sustainability initiatives at our facility, click here.



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Posted by Amanda Thomas