Having the Perfect Nutrition Packaging can Rock Your Customer’s World


User-Friendly Sustainable Packaging that Looks and Feels Great

Improving appearance is one thing. But if you can add even more value by using sustainable packaging and incorporating convenience—then you’ve hit a home run with your customers. That’s just what whole food-based nutrition supplement manufacturer Juice Plus+ did.

JuicePlusNGIIClosureKeeping those three key elements in mind, a recent article in Package Design highlighted the efforts of Juice Plus+ to redesign the brand’s product packaging in honor of their 20-year anniversary. Juice Plus+ isn’t just focused on helping families improve their nutrition; the company also cares about environmental impact. The article explained that over the next seven years, the company’s sustainable packaging efforts will save over 1,000,000 pounds of resin and decrease HDPE by more than 130,000 pounds.

So how did the company take eco-friendly packaging to the next level? Besides being made of recyclable plastic, the new bottles hold twice as many capsules as the previous container—reducing the number of bottles in each carton and eliminating waste. To top off the design, Juice Plus+ selected MRP Solutions’s NutraGen II® flip top cap—a recyclable closure that uses much less plastic to manufacture than competing products on the market.

Besides being sustainable, the NutraGen II is a completely user-friendly flip top cap with a robust hinge that allows it to open and close like a dream. The lid of the closure allows for a wider opening at the top of the bottle—making it easier to dispense the exact amount of capsules desired. With an audible snap, consumers can be confident that their nutritional supplements are safely contained and kept fresh for the full life of the product.

“This new package is a great example of how collaboration results in a package that looks great and benefits both the brand owner and the consumer,” said Gary Szymanski, senior district sales manager for Mold-Rite Plastics | Stull Technologies | Weatherchem. But let’s not forget about brand awareness—a key component of shelf impact. The customizable NutraGen II flip top cap clearly supports the Juice Plus+ brand with an embossed logo on the cap. So by just glancing at the top of the package, you can easily identify the quality product inside.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas