Tired of Nutraceutical Packaging that’s Hard to Swallow?

NutraFlapper® Creates Sleek, Easy-to-Use Dispensing Solution for Nutritional Supplements

Nutraceutical packaging doesn’t always deliver a positive consumer experience. Why is that so ironic? Because most consumers are buying the nutritional product to make their lives better and improve their overall health. So shouldn’t the package follow suit? Consumers of all ages should find the overall packaging, including the dispensing cap, easy to handle.

MRP Solutions, a creator of innovative caps and closures, couldn’t agree more. To meet this need, the company has developed an exceptional line of closures that are ideal for packaging antacids, vitamins, minerals and supplements. Consider the following real-world application of its NutraFlapper dispensing cap and how it makes the life of the consumer easier—just like the product inside the nutraceutical package:


Based in Fort Washington, PA, McNeil Nutritionals, LLC develops and markets nutritional products, including sweeteners, calcium chews, milk/dietary supplements, spreads and softgels. The company operates as a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Viactiv FlavorProduct:

McNeil Nutritionals, LLC created Viactiv Calcium Flavor Glides, a calcium supplement that is designed to be easier for women to swallow because of its good taste and smooth coating.


The company wanted nutraceutical packaging with a smooth, contemporary appearance that would not only stand out on the store shelf, but would seem convenient for consumers to open and access.


For McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, it was an easy decision to select the NutraFlapper cap. Why was it such a great fit? Because it reinforces the brand attributes that Viactiv wants to project to its customers:

  • Product is easy to swallow = closure is convenient, easy to use
  • Smooth, delicious supplements = closure is sleek and modern

Key product features that keep NutraFlapper customers satisfied:

  • Audible “snap” guarantees freshness and security
  • Controlled access to product, especially when dispensing medication one pill at a time
  • Round, soft edges


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Posted by Amanda Thomas