How to Become the TOP DOG in the Pet Food Packaging Business


Latest Trends Emphasize Convenient Plastic Closures

 As pet owners stroll the aisles of their local pet store, they are greatly influenced by what they see on the shelf in terms of packaging for their favorite brands of food and treats. According to a recent article in Petfood Industry magazine, discerning pet owners want products that are packaged in a convenient, creative way. Instead of multi-wall paper packaging, pet food and care companies are favoring flexible plastic packaging. This allows the manufacturer to add enhanced graphics to the package and improve the package’s overall functionality for the consumer.

The article highlighted the importance of adding convenience features such as closures and handles to pet food packages since consumers are starting to expect these as standard for all products. MRP Solutions was recognized as a manufacturer of a variety of plastic dispensing caps and closures that are ideal for the pet food industry. The company’s product manager explained that these closures offer brand differentiation for pet product manufacturers who really want to stand out on the store shelves and readily communicate that their products are convenient and easy to use.

The article explained the following various pet food/care applications of MRP Solution's top plastic dispensing closures:

LiquiFlapperLiquiFlapper® for liquid pet care products, including supplements, dental care and shampoos. With its one-piece design, the closure doesn't need to be unscrewed and is easy for older pet owners to use.  The tear drop opening allows air to pass over the outbound stream of liquid to eliminate glugging and messes.

NutraGen IINutraGen II® for supplements. The full open orifice is convenient for dispensing larger pills that pets of varying sizes may require. The robust hinge makes it easy to open and close for pet owners with limited dexterity. The audible snap upon re-closing assures the pet owner that the product is safely contained and kept fresh. The cap’s contemporary appearance and embossing option can help build brand awareness and shelf impact.

FlapMateFlapMate® for granular or flakey fish and reptile food. This plastic cap has a butterfly hinge design for easy opening and closing with one hand. Comfortable thumb divot for pain-free access. This cap features a raised deck dispensing platform to keep the surface clean.

MegaFlapMegaFlap® for pet food, treats and snacks. Its flap-style, full-open orifice is easy to use—no matter how large the pet owner’s hand might be. Contains built-in scoop for added convenience and hygiene. Features clean, modern look with large embossing area for added product differentiation.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas