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Plastic Dispensing Closures Eliminate Dripping and Spilling

Glugging. Dripping. Spilling. These are the problems caused by many plastic dispensing closures. The sleek bottle may be attractive, but then when you go to pour the liquid or sauce, you have a big mess on your hands.

The simple, elegant solution is the LiquiFlapper® plastic dispensing closure. Here’s why you can’t live without it:

  1. Creamer LiquiflapperOne-piece design. The closure doesn't need to be unscrewed or set down on the counter. And it’s easy for seniors and children to use.

  2. Opens and closes with audible snap, delivering freshness, security and peace of mind

  3. Tear drop orifice lets air pass over the outbound stream of liquid to eliminate glugging

  4. Drip-resistant cutoff spout easily controls the flow rate, so it cuts off the flow of the liquid when you gradually tilt the container

  5. Tough,  durable construction that is resistant to damage

  6. Flat top is easy to integrate into your design and customize with company logo

  7. Upscale appearance drives brand preference

The product is ideal for use in the following markets: creamers and specialty milks, healthcare (vitamins, minerals and supplements), liquid condiments, pet food and care, and spices and seasonings. With the LiquiFlapper, you can open the bottle, dispense the product, close the container and set it down—all  with just one hand. Now household mishaps won't lead to household messes.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas