VIDEO: Flip Top Caps Help Restaurant Managers Conquer Kitchen Chaos

How Flip Top Closures Save Time, Money and Sanity

Flip TopWho knows more about the importance of convenient closures than a restaurant manager?  In the kitchen, flip top caps and dispensing closures can be used for sauce bottles, food containers, spices and seasonings and more.  According to the general manager of one of Cleveland’s premier restaurants, “I work long hours in the kitchen—anything that makes my life easier is definitely worth using.”

He explained the importance of flip top dispensing closures in keeping the kitchen clean and organized. The cap’s one-piece design prevents him from unscrewing the cap and losing it. This also keeps him from using a makeshift cover from a cellophane wrapper, which is neither airtight nor sanitary. What about the challenge of refilling a smaller container with the contents of a larger one?  With the flip top cap, it’s all about “control.” Now the pouring is precise—minimizing waste and keeping the cooking area clean. This saves both time and money for the restaurant.

For bulk storage applications (like large bags of flour or sugar), he also noted the benefits of using containers that incorporate a large flip top cap. This would promote organization, prevent infestation and provide product security.

What about when you’re out on the front lines of the restaurant? When it’s time to refill the pepper shaker, it’s easy with the right flip top spout. Without it, you have to manually spoon the pepper into the shaker, usually creating waste and a mess. And when you’re ready to garnish a plate with a red wine reduction, a dispensing cap allows superior pouring control so you don’t make a big mess on the delicious plate of food that’s ready to eat.  

Flip Top

Are chefs and restaurant managers willing to pay a bit more for a more convenient package?  Absolutely. Because anything that makes the food prep and service process easier improves the overall experience for everyone at the restaurant, including wait staff and customers.


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Posted by Amanda Thomas