Flip Top Cap Solves Biggest Problem in Squeezable Product Dispensing

Innovative dispensing closures create a superior flip top cap solution

When it comes to food and condiment production, controlled dispensing is essential—especially for squeezable products. MRP Solutions provides superior flip top cap solutions that deliver the perfect amount of product for consumers with each and every use. Consider this success story from a spicy mustard manufacturer:


Philippe The Original is one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California. Philippe Mathieu established the restaurant in 1908 with its featured “French Dipped Sandwich.” To complement this classic, Philippe’s prepares and bottles its own hot French mustard twice weekly.


Philippe’s Hot Mustard wanted a closure that would help control the dispensing flow of its product and solve the age-old problem of ingredient separation. The company carefully searched for a squeezable bottle and flip top cap combination that would deliver the best at-home dispensing experience.

Flip Top Mustard


MRP Solutions Ultra Light flip top cap features a patented design that allows for maximum control when dispensing squeezable products. The Ultra Light 38/400 flip top features a liquid trap that keeps the separated liquid inside the bottle. This helps prevent excess liquid from dripping out of the container before the spicy mustard is dispensed.

Additionally, the flip top cap’s modern opening mechanism promotes a cleaner and more sanitary orifice area. With a product as hot as Philippe’s sandwich sauce, controlling the amount of product dispensed becomes even more important. These features help to enhance the consumer’s experience with the product and deliver optimum taste each time the product is used.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas