5 Trends in Pet Food Packaging: Products Your Customers Will Beg For

How Flip Top Caps Make Pet Products Stand Out on the Shelf

When it comes to the pet industry, consumers are more interested in the quality, taste and functionality of a product; they are much less concerned about the price. Therefore, it’s vital to select packaging that clearly communicates quality, taste and functionality, while making the product stand out on the store shelf. 

Pet ProductsEven when the economy struggles, the U.S. pet market continues to grow with more people seeking companionship in their pets. As these new products are brought to market, competition for every pet food dollar has never been so intense. The top two ways that pet owners find new products include perusing the store shelves and watching TV commercials.

Packaging not only improves the shopping experience, but also plays a pivotal role in consumer loyalty to a brand. Consider the impact of a couple major trends currently influencing the growth of the pet market:

  • Humanization of Pets: As people become closer to their pets, they want to purchase products and services for them that are fun and an extension of their own personal lifestyle. They want the products to offer convenience and ease of use. Since premium quality is so important to pet owners, packaging that is inferior to human product standards will fail to deliver the necessary shelf impact to attract these discerning consumers. Thus, the product package must convey the message of quality and taste very clearly. If it incorporates a contemporary flip top cap, it will appear more sleek and easy to use.

  • Nutraceuticals and Pet Supplements: When packaging vitamins and supplements for pets, it is vital to remember that the pet owner is the one operating the package. Challenging child-resistant or continuous thread closures can be especially difficult for aging pet owners to open. Consumers will respond more favorably toward a package that includes a secure flip top closure because it ensures easy access and product safety.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas