No Mess, No Fuss Chemical Packaging Locks in Safety and Security

How Durable Dispensing Closures Provide Reliable Storage of Chemicals

Why are they so important? With more regulations than any other industry, chemical products must be packaged in materials that can withstand harsh liquids and other substances. They also must provide a strong barrier to prevent leakage and dispense without glugging or spilling—all of which protect the safety of the consumer.

LiquiFlapperTo meet the demands of the chemical industry, MRP Solutions has developed the LiquiFlapper® and Flapper® Cap dispensing closures. Both of these caps are designed to deliver pourable liquids with controlled dispensing that enhances consumer convenience. These one-piece closures are highly durable and will not get lost. Most important, the audible snap locks in freshness and guarantees a secure close to ensure safety when storing hazardous chemicals.


The LiquiFlapper combines ease of use, shelf impact and safe and secure packaging. Its drip-resistant, cut-off feature eliminates messes. There is no interference with dispensing flow. With the audible snap, consumers have peace-of-mind that their chemical product is safely and securely contained.

Similar to the LiquiFlapper, the Flapper Cap provides a consistent, ergonomic and contemporary look to a chemical product package. The cap’s teardrop directional pour option offers total control over dispensing powders and chemicals. Consumers can easily open the cap with one hand open using the enhanced thumb indent. The butterfly hinge lid stays open and doesn’t interfere with the flow to prevent dripping.

In addition to the superior functionality of these dispensing closures, their contemporary design makes a strong impact on consumers. To further build brand loyalty, the closures can be customized with specific colors, designs and embossing.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas