VIDEO: Dispensing Closures Spice Up Packaging for Seasonings


Convenient dispensing closures that are easy to open are important to consumers in the spice and seasoning industry.

Consumers who use spices and seasonings frequently in their cooking want a package that is easy to open, allows portion control and maintains product safety and freshness. To build brand loyalty, spice and seasoning manufacturers need to incorporate dispensing closures that create a great experience for consumers—each and every time they use the product.

MRP Solutions unique Grinder NR®, FlapMate® caps and Flapper® Cap are the perfect solution for this industry. The FlapMate and Flapper are designed for consumer convenience because you can open the dispensing closure with one hand and the flap stays open while you pour. The cap does not interfere with the pouring of the product so there is no dripping and no mess. Consumers like the audible snap because they know they are locking in freshness at the end of each use.

GrinderThe Grinder NR is a non-removable grinder packaging system that delivers a fresh new grind with each package. The lightweight and shatterproof plastic bottle offers convenience and quality with every twist. Its distinctive PET container provides instant consumer recognition as a "grinder" package in its shape and appearance. Both upscale and ergonomic, the Grinder NR easily stacks for storage in tight cabinets and is safe for use by all family members.  

Package designers love these dispensing closures because of their one-piece design that’s easy to integrate into production and there is no liner required. They can be customized with special colors, embossing or shapes to fit your brand’s unique design.

Developed with sustainability in mind, these closures use less material, less weight to save on shipping fuel and are recyclable.

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To learn more these dispensing closures, watch the video below:

Posted by Amanda Thomas