3 Reasons Why Nutra Brand Packagers Love MegaFlap® Plastic Closures

New Closure Boosts Shelf Impact and Builds Brand Image

Consumers today are looking for products that incorporate plastic closures that offer form as well as function. In response to this growing demand, Weatherchem has just announced its new MegaFlap plastic closure. This contemporary closure features a full open orifice for easy access—no matter how large your hand is! And the built-in scoop retention mechanism makes product access even easier without creating a mess.   


MegaFlap Why consumers love it:

   - Convenient, easy-to-open design

   - Can easily be opened and closed with one hand

   - Positive snap after reclosing assures the consumer that the               product is contained safely for extended freshness

   - Customizable scoop is held inside the closure for added                         convenience



Why brand packagers love it:

- Clean, modern look enhances shelf impact and builds                            brand image

- Unique features keep customers satisfied and coming                          back for more

 - Large embossing area is available for customized marketing                 messages or logos


This innovative plastic closure is perfect for the following markets: nutritional supplements, snacks, lawn care, pet foods/treats and dry household products. The MegaFlap is available in several standard or custom colors for enhanced product personalization. Compatible liners include induction and pressure sensitive seals.

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Posted by Amanda Thomas