MRP Solutions Innovative Flip Top Cap Makes Vitamins Easy to Handle

As the population continues to age, the demand for vitamins, minerals and supplements continues to grow. To appeal to this demographic, which may have limited hand function and mobility, supplement companies are utilizing bottles that incorporate a convenient dispensing closure like an easy-to-use flip top cap. Plastic cap manufacturer MRP Solutions has a variety of product lines that enhance the consumer experience, including its NutraFlapper® and NutraGen II®  flip top closures:

  • The NutraFlapper offers controlled dispensing, enabling the consumer to get the proper dose of pills the first time without excess. With one-step convenience, the closure consistently dispenses pills without pain.

  • The NutraGen II has a one-piece design that’s easy to open and close. Its full opening can dispense large or small pills.

Flip top cap offers liner with a pull tab for convenience

In addition to the flip top cap, each closure offers a convenient liner with a pull tab so that the consumer doesn’t have to struggle to break the seal. While these easy-to-use features may appeal to all demographics, they are especially beneficial to those with joint problems including arthritis. Both caps have a strong hinge that won’t break with continued use. The flip top cap also has a hinge that stays open and has an audible snap assuring the consumer that the bottle is closed.

The NutraFlapper and NutraGen II can be ordered in standard or custom colors to help the vitamin bottle stand out from among its competitors. 

To see examples of these breakthrough plastic closures, watch: 

Posted by Amanda Thomas